Pebbles Academy


Providing modern facilities to children to learn, play and grow with smile. We closely work together with Preschool Education Bureau under the Eastern Provincial Council, Sri Lanka.


Creating an environment where kids can experience world-class education, where basic and critical thinking skills are empowered. The curriculum aligned with National Curriculum of Sri Lanka.


Empowering the youths with vocational skills while providing the NVQ Level certification to fulfill their career dreams. We collaborate with Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission(TVEC) of Sri Lanka.


Annual Real Kids Concert 2016
Children's Day & Kite Festival


Pebbles academy is creating an environment where students are challenged to become independent thinkers and active participants in their communities, as well as agents of change. Through the development of critical thinking skills, intrapersonal, and interpersonal skills, a student of Pebbles academy will graduate with the necessary tools and knowledge to work individually and collectively to identify, address, and implement change in their lives and their community.

Recognizing that students are the primary reason that Pebbles academy exists, we seek to provide excellent, accessible and comprehensive learning experiences in partnership with diverse community while enhancing values of co-existence, emphasizing the peace and harmony within communities.

Our mission is to create a world-class learning environment where basic and critical thinking skills are empowered. The curriculum will be aligned with the national curriculum of Sri Lanka and the medium primarily will be English while we provide facilities to learn other foreign languages too. The curriculum will be emphasizing literacy and mathematical skills that will help our students to meet graduation requirements in any level.

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Address: Main Street, Akkaraipattu, Sri Lanka
Contact Numbers: 0094 67 2057 456 or 0094 76 6841 128

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